Farewell to OCZ Vertex 2

A week ago I just couldn’t boot my iMac 2010. No Apple logo, not anything except a blinding white screen. From all keyboard shortcuts available during the boot time I was only able to reset NVRAM. Since the reset worked (followed by a loud Apple boot sound), I wasn’t worrying anymore that my iMac died (mobo, cpu, ram), so I turned my attention to the SSD (about a year ago I replaced the internal DVD drive with the OCZ’s Vertex 2 120GB SSD). The moment I unplugged SSD from SATA cables, my darling iMac sprang back to life. So it seemed that my SSD was dead. A friend of mine had the same model in his iMac and found it one day (couple of months earlier to my experience) completely blank. Having a HDD backup, he was able to restore it. Perhaps I wasn’t as lucky as my buddy (since my SDD died completely), but I prefer immediate death to agonizing, slow dying. Anyway, I got replacement Vertex 3 thanks to OCZ’s 3 years guarantee and restored it from the timemachine backup. Having an SSD today without a proper day-to-day backup is a disaster waiting to happen.

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2012-05-29 14:12 +0200

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